The AquaScaper - Complete Liquid Plant Food 500ml

The AquaScaper - Complete Liquid Plant Food 500ml

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The Aquascaper Complete Liquid Plant food is designed to be single dose and easy to use. Complete Liquid Plant Food contains all the micro and macro nutrients necessary for lush aquatic plant growth, including Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK). No other additional plant food supplements are necessary.

Directions for Use:

Planted aquariums can be split into three dosage categories – low, medium and high.
  • Low – aquariums with low lighting and no CO2 or liquid carbon
  • Med – aquariums with low-moderate lighting and liquid carbon
  • High – aquariums with moderate-high lighting and CO2 gas injection

Dosage Guidelines

  • Low – 1ml per day per 50L
  • Med – 2ml per day per 50L
  • High – 5ml per day per 50L
For best results dose daily and combine with a 50% water change per week.