Sera Professional UVC Xtreme 800 External Canister Filter

Sera Professional UVC Xtreme 800 External Canister Filter

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Electronically Controlled External Canister filter for aquariums up to 800 litres - Automatically primes and releases air at the touch of a button - German Design - 3 Year Warranty - Low Voltage - 24v - Safe 

The sera UVC Xtreme 800 is a efficient and energy saving external filter for aquariums from 100 up to 800 litres.

The new sera UVC Xtreme 800 filter provide UV-C supported filter performance.

The modern low noise low voltage motor can be adjusted to the desired performance precisely and just as required via the control panel, and thus extends the application range of these external filters.

High pump performance can already be selected in energy saving mode with wattages between 5 W – 10 W. This is possible due to a hydrodynamically optimized drive.

The sera UVC-Xtreme 800 -External Filter- include an integrated UV-C unit that is switchable via the control panel. This is operated with a particularly powerful amalgam lamp, and ensures even higher reduction of pathogens and floating algae compared to common UV-C lamps. This indirectly supports the health of the fish in a merely physical manner, while the density of many algae spores are reduced at the same time.

technical Data sera UVC-Xtreme 800 -External Filter-:

Low Voltage - 24v 
for aquariums from 100 up to 800 litres
pump output: 840 l/h
power consumption with UVC: 9.8-24 W
filter volume: 6.0 L
filter baskets: 2
hose size: 18/23 mm
Dimensions: 420 x 300 x 300 mm

The unit comes complete with Quality Sera Filter media , all connections , Hose and backed with a 3 year warranty !!