Reef Revolution Pro - Cycle B 50ml  * Concentrated Ammonia *

Reef Revolution Pro - Cycle B 50ml * Concentrated Ammonia *

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Pro-Cycle B

Contains concentrated ammonia to feed bacteria added to the aquarium. This product will cycle your aquarium within 7-10 days and prevent new tank syndrome. Use in conjunction with our cycle A in fish and coral free environments only. After day 10 of cycle, we recommend using Pro-Bio Blast from Reef Revolution daily for stability and to remove any unwanted nutrients.


Shake before use.

2 drops (0.1ml) will raise 100 litres of aquariums volume by 0.05ppm, do not raise ammonia above.

Always screw dropper back on so the product does not become contaminated.


– Demineralised water
– Concentrated Ammonia


Keep out of reach of children and pets. Not for human consumption. For marine aquarium use only.


Keep out of direct sunlight.
Always secure cap on.