Opti - Clean 250ml

Opti - Clean 250ml

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Liquid filter medium for use in fresh and sea water to quickly clear contaminants from the water.

Opticlean contains very fine and highly pure Clinoptilolite, a natural mineral. Heavy metals, pesticides etc., attach to the mineral and are then removed from the water by the filter and/or protein skimmer.

Dosage: Shake the bottle vigorously for 5-10 seconds. Use the measuring cup and add 10ml for each 50 ltrs directly to the aquarium water.
The aquarium water will become cloudy but it will clear after a few hours resulting in clean, clear and healthier water. Can be added every 2 weeks as a precautionary measure against pollutants.
A 1000ml bottle will treat 5000 litres.

Peel back the label of the bottle/can from the bottom right corner where indicated, to access the instructions.

Manufacturer: AB AQUA MEDIC GMBH