Oase Biopress Pond Pump and Filter Set [10000]

Oase Biopress Pond Pump and Filter Set [10000]

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The Oase Biopress Pump and Filter Sets consist of one Biopress pressure filter with integrated UVC, and a matching filter or watercourse pump with all the necessary hose connections for quick assembly. Easy filter maintenance is achieved using the cleaning function built into the filter. The filter consists of 3 different filter medias to ensure clear water all this at an extremely attractive price for such a high quality brand.

Oase Biopress Pond Pump and Filter Sets can be used for fish ponds however they are are not recommended for heavily stocked fish ponds. See the table below for the recommended pond size in litres with or without fish. BioPress systems have a 2 year warranty.


Oase Biopress Pond Pump and Filter Set Specifications

Model Biopress 4000 Biopress 6000 Biopress 10000
Max Flow Rate (L/hr) 1500 2500 3400
Pond Size (L) Decorative/Gold Fish/Koi 4000/2000/1000 6000/3000/1500 10000/5000/2500
Max Head Height (m) 1.9 2.2 2.7
Power Usage (Watts) 36 40 75
UVC Lamp (Watts) 7 9 11
Voltage (Volts AC) 240 240 240
Pump Cable Length (m) 10 10 10
UVC Cable Length (m) 3 3 3
Pump Outlet Size (mm) 19/25 19/25 19/25
Weight (kg) 4 5 6
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H 225 x 225 x 335 350 x 350 x 450 350 x 350 x 570

Each pump and filter set includes anti kink hose, hose fittings and requires 2 x 240V Australian power outlets.