Illumagic Style - Marine LED

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The ultimate in lighting control for serious reefers

The STYLE LED lighting system is the first LED unit of it’s kind, offering the user wireless programming with endless spectrum, cluster, intensity and light positioning control. This takes the user experience to a whole new level allowing the user to experiment with their own spectrum configurations and individually choosing the colour rendering for each coral by simply adjusting certain clusters to have certain colours on top of exact points within the aquarium. Seasonal changes, weather patterns and individual cluster control are just some of the in-depth features available to the user. With over 7 led spectrums and a marine and a freshwater version available this unit is sure to please.

  • Pendant hanging system included
  • 7 LED spectrums to control
  • Wireless programming for iphone and android
  • Absolute and individual cluster control
  • 2 year warranty – no other hardware needed
  • Illumagic Style
    6 X 25 watt LED's Clusters
    Cool white, red, green, blue, royal blue, violet & UV LED's
    75 degree silicone optics (removable up to 120 degrees)
    LED's 400 up to 620nm
    9,000k - 20,000k
    360mm x 240mm x 42mm
    160 Watt power consumption
    WIFI controllability free app download
    2 Year Warranty