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Why use Dymax Rex Tanning Lamp?

Indoor arowana fishes lack exposure to sunlight resulting in dull fish body colour. This problem can be solved easily by the Dymax Rex Sunray Arowana Tanning Lamp.

The Dymax Rex Sunray Arowana Tanning Lamp mimics the sun's ultraviolet light, giving the arowana fish the necessary sunlight UV exposure it needs to produce melanin. The melanin results in a nice and rich body colour.

The lamp also stimulates the production of vitamin D which otherwise is lacking when the fish is kept indoor. Vitamin D is necessary for health growth of fishes.

Therefore, in using the Dymax Rex Sunray Arowana Tanning Lamp, your arowana fish would not only develop a richer body colour but also enjoy a healthier development.

Benefits of Dymax Rex Tanning Lamp

  • High performance tube
  • Safe for tanning fish
  • Long lamp lifespan
  • Stimulates production of melanin and vitamin D in fish body
  • Makes arowana body richer in colours and healthier

When should the Dymax lamp be replaced?

It is best to replace the lamp after 500 hours of use, even though the lamp can be used beyond that number of hours.

If the lamps are kept longer, the tanning time has to be increased to compensate for the lost of intensity.

It is recommended to replace the lamps all at once.