Dupla Safety Check Valve

Dupla Safety Check Valve

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The Dupla safety valve is a safety valve for use with CO2 or air pumps in freshwater aquariums.

The Dupla safety valve is a high-quality safety valve that was developed and tested for use in aquariums. Used in the supply line, it prevents water from flowing back into the CO2 fertiliser system or into the air pump.

The safety valve is always inserted into the supply line in the direction of flow (CO2, air, oxygen). The arrow on the valve must always point upwards. The hose is attached to the hose nozzles with the enclosed cable ties. In addition, the valve should be attached to the aquarium glass or other surfaces with a 16 mm clamp and a duplex suction cup with the arrow pointing upwards.

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With the Dupla safety valve, you can operate your devices with complete safety and prevent damage to your valuable technology by water running back out of the aquarium.