Dupla Marin Smart Doser

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The Dupla Marin 4 Channel P4 Smart Dosing Pump is a medical grade dosing pump suitable for aquarium application. Elements can be dosed accurately to 1ml via the automated dosing system. Intelligent dosing pump with level indicator. The individual solution levels can be checked at any time. Automatic LED signal will indicate when a solution has run out, making it impossible to forget to refill the individual solutions and reliably ensuring an adequate supply of important trace elements in the marine water aquarium. Backed by Dupla - 2 year warranty - German Design.

  • 4-channel dosing pump with integrated control unit
  • solution level indicator
  • automatic alert when a solution has run out
  • minimum fluid quantity 1 ml
  • recommended maximum fluid quantity 9,999 ml per day
  • including calibration function on each individual pump
  • adjustable feed time
  • facility for setting 1 - 24 feed units per day
  • supplied with 12 V adapter