Dupla Hobby Artemia Brine Shrimp Hatchery incubator Set

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The Hobby "incubator set" contains everything for a successful and long-term breeding of Artemia. The set contains: incubator, Artemix, Artemia salt, culture dish, liquid starter food and an Artemia sieve. The incubator set offers you a long-term supply of live food.

The HOBBY Incubator set consists of:

  • HOBBY Incubator
  • HOBBY Artemix
  • HOBBY Artemia salt
  • HOBBY Breeding reservoir
  • Artemia breeding feed
  • HOBBY Liquizell
  • HOBBY Artemia sieve


The HOBBY Incubator and the HOBBY Incubator set are provided with a connection for operation with an air pump (not included). For more information see the manual.