Dupla CO2 Reactor S

Dupla CO2 Reactor S

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The Dupla CO2 Reactor S is suitable for use with CO2 fertilisation systems in freshwater aquariums up to 5000 litres.

The functional principle of plant fertilisation with CO2 is based on the possibility of water to be able to absorb CO2 under certain defined conditions. The CO2 takes on the function of a transmitter. In the body of the Dupla CO2 reactor S, the pressure conditions, the flow rate of the water and the residence time of the water are controlled so that the highest possible rate of CO2 can diffuse into the aquarium water. The high capacity of the Dupla Reaktor S requires a large flow of aquarium water. This results in the recommendation to install the Dupla CO2 Reactor S in a separate pump circuit. It is important here that the Dupla CO2 reactor S is connected on the inlet side to the pressure side of the pump used. It is also important that the system is tight. The capacity of the Dupla CO2 reactor S can be varied. For this purpose, the respective capacity nozzle is opened with the needle supplied. The higher the capacity nozzle, the lower the capacity achieved. When operating the Dupla CO2 Reactor S outside the aquarium, a hose with an inner diameter of 3 mm must be used to create a connection between the aquarium and the open capacity nozzle. Opened capacity sockets can be closed again with the caps.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 320 x 72 mm diameter
  • Hose connection: 9 mm for water, 3 mm for CO2
  • Attachment in the aquarium: 2 Duplakon suction cups
  • Attachment outside the aquarium: wall bracket
  • Filling: Dupla mini cascades
  • Reactor body material: SAN
  • Material cover: ABS
  • O-ring sealing cover: silicone 57 x 2 mm