Blue Planet Betta Plus Aquarium Fish Tank Heater Filter LED Quiet 8L

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Blue Planet Betta Plus Tank features a sleek black hood, inbuilt 3 stage filter, energy efficient high powered LED lighting and a 25w heater.

Ideal aquarium set for housing Siamese Fighting fish. Quick and simple set-up. Rimless design (1): 100% eliminates water & salt marks at the rim area – meaning less maintenance for you. Maximum opening (2): Easy removal of the filter box & pump allowing you complete freedom to decorate your aquarium. LED lights (3) with USB plug, colour lens and adapter included Built-in Professional 3 stage tank top filtration (4): Great water circulation, easy and convenient maintenance without disturbing your fish and aquarium water. Comes with easy change cartridge (5), besides the usual filter wool, activated carbon & bio rings, it also comes with Zeolite, a substance that removes ammonia (present in your tank as uneaten food and fish waste). A silencer (6) is included for “silent mode”, which reduce noise from water circulation. Tank sealed with premium German silicone with superior UV & weather resistance properties.

What’s included: 1x Glass aquarium (with hood) 1x Inbuilt 3 stage filter system 1x 25W heater 1x LED lighting Specifications: Capacity: 8L Dimensions: 29 x 15.5 x 28.5 cm Brand: Blue Planet