Aqua One AquaFill ATO Automatic Top Up Unit

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The AquaFill automatic top up system is designed to maintain a stable water level
in an aquarium or sump. In marine systems
, automatic top up aids in maintaining
stable and consistent salinity levels by providing small amounts of replacement water
constantly as evaporation occurs. The 3 float switch system ensures reliability and
prevents damage to the top up pump in the event the reservoir is emptied.

• Auto top up system


• Maintains a stable water level in the aquarium


• Pump included


• 3 float switch system (primary, secondary and reservoir float switch)

•  200L/hr flow rate

• Perfect partner for AquaReef aquariums


• 1 + 1 year guarantee

When operating, the Aquafill pump will switch on when the water level falls below both primary and secondary float switches.

The pump will continue to run until one of the primary or secondary float switches are submerged.

However, if the water level of the reservoir drops below the reservoir float switch, the pump will stop to prevent the pump from running dry and causing damage to the pump.