Aqua Medic Tri Complex 3 x 2 Litres ( Calcium , Mg , pH , Iodine , Strontium , Trace elements

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Aqua Medic Tri-Complex supplies corals with dissolved calcium for the structure of skeleton as well as vital trace elements including strontium, fluorine and iodine and avoids ion shifts. In addition, the pH value is buffered at the optimum for calcium synthesis. It is really important that corals receive a balanced ratio of calcium and all vital trace elements. Tri Complex was developed according to the latest research and helps offer optimal conditions for healthy and steady coral growth.

Aqua Medic Tri Complex
+ no mixing necessary
+ easy dosage
+ highly concentrated
+ developed according to latest research results
+ calcium supply without ion shift
+ helps reduce water changes
+ including all vital trace elements
+ optimum coral growth

Content Aqua Medic Tri Complex
- component blue: pH buffer 1 + iodine and fluorine complex
- component white: pH-buffer 2
- component red: calcium, magnesium, strontium + vital elements

Application/dosage Aqua Medic Tri Complex:
To start, add a daily dose of 10 ml each of the three Tri Complex components per 100 litres of aquarium water. Check the waters carbonate hardness regularly. If the hardness has increased more than required, reduce the dosage. If required the dosage can be increased to reach the optimal values ??of 7 - 9° dKH. Aqua Medic reefdoser EVO 4 (available separately) is ideal for dispensing additives. Remove screw caps and connect the tubes of the dosing pump with the supplied suction tubes. These are immersed in the fluid until they reach the bottom of the container. Any small quantities left in the container can be added manually the next day. Dispense equal amounts of all three components to an area of the aquarium with high water flow. The pH value is buffered in the range of 8.3 to 8.6. A turbidity upon dispensing the white component is normal and has no adverse affect and will dissolve quickly. Should you use Aqua Medic Tri Complex with- out a dosing pump, we recommend you use a very large disposable syringe (not included) which can then be attached to one of the suction tubes using a 6 mm hose.