Aqua Medic Reef Marine Salt Coral 20kg

Aqua Medic Reef Marine Salt Coral 20kg

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Aqua Medic Reef Salt coral is a specially made high quality formulation suitable for all modern reef aquaria. The package content is sufficient for the production of 600 l aquarium sea water.

Aqua Medic Reef Salt coral
+ contains vitamin B complex for the supply of corals with the vital
+ vitamin B12 (according to scientific investigations)
+ provides ideal nature-like conditions for growth and coloration of SPS and LPS corals
+ with pH buffer and high calcium and magnesium content
+ contains all the essential trace elements
+ blended from chemically pure raw materials, continuously quality controlled
+ dissolves easily and leaves no residue, so can be used quickly
+ 20 kg for 600 l aquarium water

Major elements dissolved in desalted water, at 35‰
Na Sodium ~10500 mg/l
Mg Magnesium ~1450 mg/l
Ca Calcium ~500 mg/l
K Potassium ~420 mg/l
Cl Chloride ~19800 mg/l
SO Sulfate ~2200 mg/l
HCO Bicarbonate ~210 mg/l
Sr Strontium ~16 mg/l

Made in Germany 

Supplied in a sturdy bucket.