Aqua Medic Platinum Line Plus 24V RO/DI Filter

Aqua Medic Platinum Line Plus 24V RO/DI Filter

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Aqua Medic Platinum Line Plus 24V 400L/Day Reverse Osmosis. Premium reverse osmosis unit with a capacity of up to 400 litres per day @ 15deg C & 4 bar water pressure.



  • One 400l/day TFC (Polyamide / Polysulfone) RO membrane.
  • One 10" inch prefilter housing with sediment filter cartridge which retains all particles larger than 5 micron.
  • One 10" prefilter housing with combi sediment/activated carbon cartridge protects the RO membrane by removing chlorine.
  • One 10" DI prefilter housing filled with approximately 600ml of Ion Exchange Resin, for removal of minerals.
  • The prefilters, membrane module, pump & controller are mounted on a strong powder coated wall bracket.
  • 24v DC High Pressure pump, Water Pressure Gauge and RO Control Unit.

    The Control unit displays TDS and indicates various operating functions.

    Automatic back flushing and continual monitoring of pure water output.

    TDS retention up to 99% with a recovery ratio (concentrate:permeate) of up to 1:1