Aqua Medic pH Controller

Aqua Medic pH Controller

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The Aqua Medic pH Computer-Set utilises a modern microprocessor, which provides high precision measurement and control. The Aqua Medic pH Computer-Set is used to control precise values of pH in the aquarium or the Calciumreactor. The computer can switch up to 500 watts using the supplied external electrical socket. When the calibration key has been selected the unit will automatically calibrate itself to the electrode. A plastic shafted pH electrode with BNC fitting and the correct calibration fluids (pH 4/7/9) are included.

The pH value is an electric value that is a parameter for the acidity of water. In the aquarium, the pH value together with the carbonate buffer system is of special interest.

In a fresh water aquarium, the pH value is responsible for the percentage of free CO2 that is used by green plants for photosynthesis. Fertilization with CO2 has been well-established for fresh water aquaria as base for a good plant growth. With the Aqua Medic pH Computer, the pH value can be adjusted to a given set point and kept constant by adding CO2 automatically.

In a saltwater aquarium, the pH value and CO2-addition are used in combination with a calcium reactor. The addition of CO2 into the calcium reactor is controlled by the Aqua Medic pH Computer. In addition, also Kalkwasser can be dispensed to increase the pH value after switching the control range.

technical Data Aqua Medic pH Computer-Set
Microprocessor controlled
Power requirements: 230 V/50 Hz
Output relay-controlled: 230 V, 5 A, 1,000 watts
Measurement and display range: pH 0-14
resolution pH 0.01
Control range: pH 3-11
Data memory: power loss protection
Hysteresis: adjustable
Control direction adjustable
Downwards: The pH-value is lowered by acid injection
Upwards: The pH is raised by the addition of Hydroxide
Sensor: Plastic probe with Polysulfon shaft
Electrode holder for up to 4 probes
calibration fluids: pH 4/7/9