Aqua Bee UP8000 24V DC - Controllable * Special order item *

Aqua Bee UP8000 24V DC - Controllable * Special order item *

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Dimensions of the pump (with pipe connections): Length: 186mm height; 152mm width: 100mm
    electronic control in 5 watt steps
    8000l at 50Watt
    0 - 50 watts adjustable4, 0 m max water column
    24 Volt safety extra-low voltage
    10 volt interface
    Dry run protection
    Chinch connection
    per 1 volt control voltage increase, the pump power is increased by 5 watts
    32mm pipe connections
    Pump is separable from the controller
    24 volt power supply is included
    Power cable 1,80m
    Control cable 3m
    Optionally, the pump is also available with a 10 meter control cable

The UP 8000 electronic V24 is a new pump designed to meet the most demanding marine and freshwater aquarium requirements.
Due to its modern brushless DC 24 volt motor, the pump has an absolute smoothness. The ceramic bearings cause an enormously long service life.
The UP 8000 electronic V24 can be used universally. It can be used as a return pump or as a flow pump.
The infinitely rotatable rotor housing allows an individual lead away the piping. The controller is separable from the pump. The 24 V safety extra-low voltage guarantees absolute safety in the aquarium. Via the 10 Volt interface, the pump can be controlled via a common aquarium computer.

made in Germany 

2 year warranty