4ft 120cm Aqua Marine Coral LED - Controllable

4ft 120cm Aqua Marine Coral LED - Controllable

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We believe this lighting range are the most exciting aquarium lighting to hit the market to date! They feature a fantastic and diverse colour spectrum that is fully customisable and controllable and can be set to bring out the best in your fish, plants, or corals. And not only is the colour spectrum adjustable but so is the light intensity allowing you to create and set the duration of sunrise, daylight, sunset, and moonlight. There is even a button to create thunderstorms! 

Each fixture has a bracket with sliding rails that allows you to easily adjust the width of the fixture.

Each model offers full spectrum lighting featuring 6 different colors of LED's including: white (10,000k), cool white (6500k), blue, deep blue, red and green. They also have a built in 2 channel controller to program light cycles, intensity and even thunder storms.




  • Type : Aqua Marine LED
  • Suits : Saltwater (Coral Reef)
  • Watts : 72W
  • LED's : White Chanel (24 x 12000k, 24 x 8000k, 8 x 630nm, 4 x 525nm)
  •         : Blue Chanel (42 x 470nm, 42 x 440nm)
  • Dimensions : 1000 x 160 x 12.5mm
  • Weight : 6kg
  • Mount : Extendable Stands