Seachem Nutridiet Tropical Fish Flakes 30gm

Seachem Nutridiet Tropical Fish Flakes 30gm

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Suitable for tropical fish, Nutridiet Tropical Flakes are an excellent food source to provide your fish with the nutrients they need. 
  • High in protein
  • Contains a rich assortment of vitamins and minerals
  • Contains probiotics to reduce waste and improve nutrient intake
  • Promotes natural growth
  • Enhances color
  • Increased energy

With the benefit of Vitamin C, your fish will experience improved digestion and higher nutrient absorbtion. 

The secret to Nutridiet's improved palatability is GarlicGuard which helps add flavour to the food, meaning all fish will enjoy eating their flakes. It's a super food that will make them feel super!

For best results, try feeding up to 3 times a day. Follow instructions on the label and never overfeed.