Aqua Bee UP5000 24V DC - Controllable

Aqua Bee UP5000 24V DC - Controllable

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Suitable for fresh and sea water
Dimensions including pipe connections Length = 190mm Height 165mm Width 100mm
electronic control from 20% to 100% in 10% steps
5000 liters at only 30 watts
Feed Timer
with interval control
4.0 meters max water column
24 Volt safety extra-low voltage
10 volt interface
Chinch connection
per 1 volt control voltage increase, the pump power is increased by 5 watts
25mm pipe connections
25mm hose connections
Pump is separable from the controller
Power cable 1.80 meters
Control line 3 meters
Power supply MEAWELL power supply 100-240V 50 / 60Hz
including suction basket

The UP 5000 electronic V24 is a controllable 24 volt brushless DC pump.
It is characterized by its extremely quiet running and its effectiveness. Their wear-resistant ceramic bearings allow maximum service life.
The 24 Volt safety extra-low voltage guarantees maximum safety in the aquarium. The pump is suitable for under and over water operation (IP68). The electronic
Dry-running protection function protects the pump against idling and thus prevents the sliding bearings from becoming stuck.
The compact controller (103mm x 82mm x 63mm) can be mounted very space-saving. Set values ​​can be passed through
the blue glowing LEDs look very good. The UP 5000 electronic V24 is ideal as a flow pump due to its 5 freely selectable interval programs.
suitable for flowing the aquarium. The pump has a 0 to 10 Volt interface, with which an activation via an aquarium computer is possible.

made in Germany 

2 year warranty