Reef Revolution Polyp Feast Reef Roids Coral Food 30g

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Reef Revolution Polyp Feast is a carefully selected mix of zooplankton. Polyp Feast is designed to stimulate corals feeding response. Polyp Feast will increase the photosynthesis process in the coral and boosting Zooxanthellae population for optimal coral growth and colouration. Polyp Feast can be used with all filter feeding coral.


Replace caska seal and twist cap after every use.
Store in a cool dry place.
Please recycle jar when the product is finished.


Directions: 1g per 100 litres for heavily stocked tanks or 0.5g for per 100 litres for lightly stocked tanks. 

Guaranteed analysis  Polyp Feast

Crude Protein >58%
Crude Fat >18%
Crude Fibre < 6%
Crude Ash < 5%
Moisture < 6%