Aqua Medic T Controller Twin

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  • The maximum load for the heating and cooling systems is 1,200 watts.
  • Easy to read digital temperature display also indicates heating and cooling mode.
  • Includes battery back up so settings are saved if power fails.
  • Socket 2 - Control heaters up to 1,200watt.
  • Socket 1 - Control fans or cooling units up to 400 watts.
  • Measurement range: 16 to 40 deg. C in 1 deg. C increments with accuracy of 0.1 degrees C.
  • Accuracy is 0.1 ° C

  • Main Information:

    Temperature monitor and controller heat controller duo used to control aquarium heaters.

    Measurement and switching accuracy is 0.1 ° C. The setpoint can be in 0.1 ° C increments in the range the 0 - 50 ° C can be adjusted and is regulated at 1 ° C.

    Maximum total switching capacity for heater and floor heating is 1,200 watts.

    Integrated double outlet in each case a heating element and a ground heater can be connected simultaneously.

    Heat controller duo is equipped with a temperature sensor permanently connected.

    LCD display is at any time about the current temperature, the time and the switching state of the connected devices.

    Heating cable is clocked by a timer, the clock rate can be freely selected. If the desired setpoint is not reached, the rod heater switched on.

    To avoid overheating, both heaters are switched off as soon as the setpoint is exceeded by a settable value.