Dupla CO2 Fitting Pro Plus Pressure Reducer & Magnetic Valve

Dupla CO2 Fitting Pro Plus Pressure Reducer & Magnetic Valve

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Dupla CO2  Fitting Pro Plus with pre-installed Solenoid Pro (Magnetventil Pro) for semi-automatic control by means of a timer switch or for fully automatic control by means of a pH controller. 


Includes check valve.


Thanks to the innovative electronic diode circuit, operation of the CO2 Solenoid Valve Plus is extremely quiet, energy-efficient and with very little heat generation.




  • pressure-tight precision needle valve for finest adjustment of the bubble count
  • high regulation accuracy through precision pressure reducer
  • finely adjustable working pressure setting
  • incl. integrated check valve
  • large, easy-to-read, working and cylinder pressure gauges
  • integrated safety overpressure valve
  • wear-free seal to the cylinder valve
  • corrosion-resistant due to material finishing
  • fine filter in cylinder connection and in the fine needle valve
  • for all CO2 cylinders with external cylinder valve
  • quiet, energy-efficient solenoid valve for optimal CO2 control
  • innovative electronic diode circuit, therefore hardly any heat generation in the solenoid valve
  • Made in Germany
  • 2 year Warranty