Aqua Medic Qube 30 LED - Marine

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LED  for the illumination of saltwater aquariums

- LED cluster chip consisting of 12 individual LED elements with balanced light spectrum 
- High energy density specially adapted for strong coral growth (PAR = 790 ?mol m -2 s -1 ) 
- Color and light quantity manually adjustable via 2 channels 
- The ultra-compact design allows one Ideal illumination of nano-aquariums as well as the illumination of dark border areas in larger aquariums. 
- Smooth internal fan for reliable cooling of the LED chip 
- Flexible gooseneck for a stable grip and easy alignment
- Cable management for power supply integrated in the gooseneck

Dimensions (housing) about 80 x 80 x 25 mm
Weight incl. Holder about 290 g
Number of light channels 2
Number of light colors 5
Illumination area max: about 300 x 300 mm
PAR value 790 ?mol m-2s-1
Total power consumption 30 watts max.
Power transformer 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Power supply light 24V